Erygina A.O.

Postgraduate, Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov, Russia

Now a top trend of technical development in the cement industry of Russia, is optimization of all technological repartitions of production. Obtaining the quality portlandtsement is multiple-factor process. It is influenced not only by the physical and chemical transformations of raw materials occurring during the firing of cement clinker, but also what will be the composition of the raw mixture and whether this mixture is prepared qualitatively. Work consists in a research and selection of an optimum compounding of raw mix, with the purpose to receive cement with high rates of quality. This direction will allow: first, to expand a source of raw materials, to process raw materials which go to dumps because in it is mute a large amount of quartz and impurity connections contains; secondly, to make small reconstruction of the line of preparation of raw mix. At the moment, the plant works on mixed mixtures of aluminosilicate raw materials, i.e. two types of aluminosilicate raw materials which are previously mixed in certain ratios therefore it affects on the accuracy of dispensing of components are used. Accuracy of dispensing of modern batchers, a component ± (1 … 2) %, is often insufficient. In this regard, the new option of optimum composition of mix is offered and investigated. This option of a "clean" mixing of components, will allow to improve process of mixing of initial raw materials, to operate process of drawing up proportions of mixes in a supply line of materials. And also it will allow to eliminate long-term deviations, guaranteeing the solution of problems at the earliest stage of their emergence. Receiving a qualitative ready-made product, reduction of costs for energy resources and cost efficiency of the proposed solution is result of this work.