Sheet glass with decorative coatings in industrial and civil construction play an important role in improving the aesthetic properties of buildings for various purposes. An innovative technology for obtaining decorative coatings on sheet glasses using low-temperature plasma is proposed. For plasma spraying crushed in a ball mill container glass of various colors was used. The optimal parameters of the plasma spraying of glass powders on the front surface of the glass sheets were established. To increase the adhesion strength of the coating to the substrate before plasma spraying, the front surface was heat treated with outgoing plasma-forming gases. It was found that with increasing temperature of the outgoing plasma-forming gases and the time of their impact on the front surface of the sheet glass, the adhesion strength of the coating with the base increases to 6.7 MPa. The effect of the coating thickness on the strength of its adhesion to the substrate is studied. Increasing the coating thickness from 150 to 1000 µm reduces the adhesion strength from 7.5 to 3.2 MPa. Under the influence of high temperatures of arc plasma is not only an increase in the glass refractory oxides of silicon and aluminum, but also an increase in their hardness up to 15%.
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