Keywords: MOVEBIT system

Use of heat pump units is one of the directions for introducing energy-saving technologies into engineering systems. Air heat pumps are more promising than geothermal ones, but their use in cold climates is limited by formation of frost on the evaporator heat exchanger. This paper presents a heat pump unit with a system for breaking ice with using oscillatory circuits. The air heat pump unit with MOVEBIT anti-icing system, including the oscillatory circuit, has been developed. It was tested in the temperature range from -26 up to +10 . The transformer ratio is determined as the ratio of the heat received to the operation expended. The calculation of heat output was carried out using a computer program that includes the flow main parameters. The calculated and experimental values of the coefficients are compared. Studies have shown that a change in the temperature of the air entering the evaporator of the pumping unit with the anti-icing system does not significantly affect the energy efficiency of the equipment under test. The MOVEBIT outdoor air heat pump allows to obtain a conversion factor in the range of 4-6 when operating in areas with outdoor temperatures down to -27 and can compete with geothermal heat pumps. Measurements of the sound impact of the anti-icing system showed the need to reduce it by 30 %.