The basis of the modern market of cellular concrete is autoclaved gas silicate. At the same time, non-autoclaved aerated concrete is largely a more technological material, allowing the variation of its properties within a wide range, having a potentially wider field of application, less costly in the organization of production, which is of great importance for small and medium-sized businesses. The main problem of non-autoclaved aerated concrete is a higher cost of raw materials compared to silicate, and 20...30% lower strength performance. The proposed solution to this problem is the development of special composite binders with a limited content of clinker and mineral additives of various genetic types, taking into account the peculiarities of the two-stage structure formation of the material – gas porization and the formation of the microstructure of the stone. The article deals with some aspects of the interaction in the system “mineral additive – gypsum – by-products of the gas release reaction” in terms of the effect on the viscosity of the swelling mass and the strength of the stone at different times of hardening. Recommendations are given on the preferred compositions of composite binders and dosages of gypsum in the molding mixture when producing a material with an average density in the range of 500...700 kg/m3.
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