Motulevich A.V.

Candidate of Engineering Sciences (Ph.D.), Associate Professor, Moscow Power Engineering Institute (NRU MEI), Russia

Now the enterprise of heat power engineering represents the interconnected complex of technical means, devices and mechanisms which main purpose-accumulation and transfer of energy to the final consumer. Due to the specifics of its work at each stage of the thermal power plant performed a variety of tasks. Depending on the tasks, the system of the complex itself is formed with the selection of installations, energy storage facilities, as well as treatment facilities. In the process of realization of their direct functions, such enterprises have an impact on the environment, which is rather negative. Therefore, the problem of interaction between heat and power enterprises and the environment is particularly acute.
Both the work of the enterprise itself and the work on its construction cause irreparable harm to the environment. Plant interventions such as fuel selection and energy conversion efficiency measures reduce emissions of many air pollutants, including CO2, per unit of energy generation. Optimization of energy efficiency in the generation process depends on many factors. However, it is impossible to make the enterprise completely environmentally friendly for many reasons, however, it is necessary to assess correctly the possible risks of operation of this type of production and take adequate measures to minimize the harm caused to the environment.